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Late Night Tea & Rants: 2 Stinging Nettle

By Romula by RHaw Creations

It's definitely the full moon, tonight.

The other restless night was partly due to a long day and ruminating thoughts, but tonight, I feel the vibes of the moon before I looked up seeing it full.

Yes, I am a cancerian and yes, the moon has a special place in my heart. It could explain the connection. Explains why it pulls at me so. It keeps me awake, energizing me and inspiring me to create.

At this very moment, at 11:30pm, I am merely basking in its silver rays through my window. And beside me is my cup of tea, steeped with Stinging Nettle. Another thing to warm my belly like a warm glass of milk.

Of course, I could have chosen chamomile or valerian. They are perfect for sleep. I, even have lavender which is soothing and relaxing. My body felt otherwise, slightly yearning for stinging nettle.

It's been sometime since I've steeped a cup of this delicious green goodness. I am always reminded of a thick forest full of stinging nettle taking over when I think of this plant. Yes, it is tenacious, but when I describe nettle like this, I am referring to its strength and drive. Compacted with all the minerals and vitamins such as iron, calcium, vitamin A and C, and chlorophyll, I understand why my body chose it out of the plethora of herbs in my cabinet.

When I drink stinging nettle it tastes like a deep green. I'm not sure if there is a taste that I can compare it too. It's refreshing. I can drink it like water and feel as though my tongue is dry. It's as if I am drinking the green of life. Not green like grass or like green tea, but rather an earthy green that does not resemble a dirt like or root-like taste. It's deep and light all at the same time. My body absorbs all of the nutrients it is willing to share with me. It's a whole experience for me.

No sugar is needed to add, but adding a little licorice root should do the trick. Not tonight though. I am taking in all that is stinging nettle under this full moon.

My cats are here with me as always. My tea is slowly being sipped away, but I am content as I stare up out my window at the moon. It's ok, if I'm not tired yet. I am grateful to have a restless night void of ruminating thoughts.

I'll fall asleep at some point and will wake up feeling energized...

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