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Meet You Again…in Maryland

By: Romula of RHaw Creations

My Booth at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival
My Booth at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

It's been a full year that I've been living as an artist, traveling around Maryland and Virginia, selling my artwork and essential oil products. It's been nice, site-seeing, meeting new people, and living as close to a nomadic lifestyle as possible.

Dreams do come true...

But what would be the chances that I would meet a person for the second time, in a completely different state at a completely different event.

Slim to none, but it happened Today.

Here at Wishing Star Farm & Wellness in Glen Arm, Maryland, I saw a woman that I could not tear my eyes away from. She was beautiful, stunning with her dark eyes, reddish-brown skin, and luscious black hair braided French styled-like. Her daughter was and is radiant, with a shy exterior only masking the free and wild spirit. Her cute little smile, showed she was a beautiful force to be reckoned with. Both full of natural beauty, but that was not what kept my eyes from prying away from this mother.

As I began to interact with her, explaining how excited I was to be a part of the Mind, Body, & Spirit Festival being held by Wishing Star Farm & Wellness, I found the courage to finally say, "Do I know you? Not to be weird."

To my amazement, she replied, "I have the same feeling too."

We exchanged places that we had been, ranging from places all over Maryland. But then I noticed her earrings, and her complete exterior. For some reason, I was seeing her in native garb and as I looked at her daughter, I kept seeing pink and bright colors. So after missed attempts to locate where we would have met, I thought of a place out of state.

"Could I have met you at the Chesapeake American Indian Festival in Chesapeake, VA?" I asked. Her eyes lit up and she said, "Yes, I was handing out flyers..." and then I proceeded to say, "And the second day of the event..." and she finished, "Rained Out!"

We had met six to eight months earlier at a Pow Wow in Chesapeake, VA, hours away from our home in Maryland. And here we were, just outside of Baltimore City in Glen Arm, Maryland, meeting again.

Just the night before, I had met a full-blooded Intuit, well he referred to himself as an Eskimo thinking I was not familiar with proper native terms. And here I was, meeting a woman who I met at a Pow Wow who wore her tribal garb with her daughter, handing out flyers at the very event I was vending at. Her story was so beautiful, as how the women before her did not even know they were born on reservation lands and how they found their history and now she is sharing it with her very own child.

She was definitely educating me and sharing her story, and opening her doors to me in ways that would help me grow as a person. I am so grateful for meeting her again. And although she did support my business then, she supported me again. And I offered a gift to her daughter, I wanted to give back because she was so kind and so accepting.

I plan to reach out to her again. Maybe become friends. Who knows? But to meet her a second time, in a different state.....well that tells me, it won't be the last time we meet.

There are so many blessings right in front of us and in disguise. Its up to us to see the blessings in everything.

I look forward to more experiences like this. Being able to travel and see the world (although I've only spread to the DMV with my business at this time), I am able to meet and see all kinds of different people and places I am able to see genuine, good-hearted people, who strive for happiness, who search for truths and answers, who share knowledge without prejudice, and who live life so differently than the world I grew up in.

These events show and give me freedom. And the more I do them, the more I see the beauty in life.

Thanks for reading!!! And to keep up with events, check out the Event Calendar.

A lil Succulent from my Vending Neighbors
A lil Succulent from my Vending Neighbors

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