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My Carrot Juice...My Way

Written by: Romula of RHaw Creations

Being a small business owner, I have learned how to be frugal! And due to that, I have forced myself to be extremely resourceful. I'd like to say, I'd give the folks from the Great Depression a ride of a lifetime due to my impeccable rationing and innovative styles when it comes to food and drink.

I have two hands. I have a brain. And, I learn quickly.

Why spend money on premade food, when I can cook? Yea, there's a bias on canned goods, but, if they are in my cupboard, why should I not cook it to eat? Or if I have a plethora of vegetables like carrots, in particular, why not learn new ways of cooking it?


Right...there is no need to splurge on Lion's Mane Mushroom that cost like $12.00 or something like that from the Whole Foods and is like, less than a 1 lb. (I'm literally typing this, with a crazy Italian accent....I really do not know why I am doing that, but it is making this typing, freaking amazing. I wish you could hear me right now). No need to buy a Digiorno pizza, when I have flour and water to make dough and stuff. Pffft....what kind of nomadic person would I be, if I....little Romula...did not know how to cook and use things I already have to survive. What kind of wild woman would I be?

Anywho....back to the Carrot Juice.

I've been going to amazing markets where I have been getting fresh vegetables from farms, etc. at no cost, thanks to Montgomery College's Mobile Markets which is provided to the students and community. Luckily, I've been able to get loads of carrots, potatoes, and sometimes if I am lucky oranges and celery, and other items. Which leaves me to worry about protein, water, and other food amenities. Due to this, I tend to have an influx of vegetables and I found that my recipe book in my fantastic brain, was very limited in what to do with these excess vegetables and fruits (at times).

I can only steam carrots so many times. I can only throw them into a stew or soup so many times. I can only eat the carrot raw so many times, (well, I could probably do that all the time). Point being!

CARROT JUICE WAS BORN! (Well, the attempt to make carrot juice was born).

Note: Filters are cool, but cheesecloth or a nutbag is 10x better!!!!!!

When I researched different carrot juice recipes, I knew it was going to be a trial an error. Some people say just carrots and some oranges. Others say, carrots, an apple, and three oranges. Some say carrots and apples. Sometimes, its like carrots, celery, and oranges, pulpy to me. (I'm doing that accent thing again, and now I've become Irish....what is going on with me, today as I am writing?)




Those weren't hitting..........and this is why, I am introducing my recipe to the world! Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!


  • Carrots (5 large carrots) - (can substitute with smaller carrots (about 4 cups worth), but not the baby carrots), slice or chop

  • 1-2 Whole Oranges, peeled and split

  • 2 Stalks of Celery, chopped

  • 3 Apples (Granny, Gala, or your preference), sliced

  • Ice Cubes (normal ones)

  • 1 tsp of Cinnamon (or more, per your preference)

  • Water (instincts), as needed

  • Optional: Vanilla extract (to be fancy, a lil)

  • Item: BLENDER (You need one of thems, or if you fancy, you can use a juicer, pfft)


  • Make sure all fruits and vegetables have been chopped or sliced in small enough pieces that will be easy for the blender to blend.

  • Place all the fruits and vegetables into the blender. (Watch your fingers, they should not go into the blender container, as the blades will slice your flesh up and you won't even notice until its too late).

  • Add the cinnamon and (vanilla extract, to be fancy)

  • Add 4 to 6 ice cubes to the blender.

  • Then add about a cup of water to the blender as well (to start off with).

  • I like to work the blender up to pulsing speed. So if yours has 1,2,3, and a pulse option. I would start off with level 1 for about 30 seconds, switch to level 2 for about 30 seconds, switch to level 3 for about 30 seconds.

  • Let the blend settle, and then proceed to pulse for 20 to 30 seconds with a few seconds in-between each pulse.

  • You want to make sure all the ingredients are being blender properly.

  • Stop the blender and check the consistency of the mixture. If you see any (fruits or vegetables) on the top that are not getting blended, take a spatula and push them down further and add a bit more water.

    • Note: Be aware of your MAX on your blender. You do not want to exceed the liquid max of this juice we are making.

  • Continue blending until the ingredients look pureed.

You can stop here, if you wish. You've got yourself a smoothie!

BUT...if smoothie is not where you're going....continue reading on!!!

  • Find yourself a large bowl or a large mason jar.

  • Pull out your handy-dandy cheesecloth or nutbag for straining. (Of course, if you have a juicer, you don't have to worry about this).

  • When ready, pour some of the carrot juice into the cheesecloth that you are holding or lining around the bowl or mason jar.

  • Pour small quantities!

  • Squeeze the juice through the cheesecloth into its container, until all of the juice has been squeezed out of the excess material.

  • You can either compost that material or, I've heard folks using it in other dishes, but I think composting is where it is at, until I learn how to.

  • Your juice will now be in your bowl or mason jar. Make sure to cover it, and you can store it for up to 3 days (safest amount of time to me).

This juice is packed with vitamins and minerals. You get the benefits of the carrots, oranges, apples, and celery, with your hint of cinnamon. The apples help sweeten the juice, the oranges balance the earthiness of the carrots, and the cinnamon is just a hint of deliciousness.

Let me know your thoughts, how it went if you made, or any additional suggestions you may have about this recipe. I'm intrigued to read.


Option for Smaller Carrots instead of Large Carrots
Option for Smaller Carrots instead of Large Carrots

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