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Vecotr Imagery

Vector Imagery - Divergent Design: Home

The process of putting this Adobe Illustrator image together was more time-consuming than difficult. First, I started with an image of the room and then piece by piece, starting with the items further back and working my way up to the more forward images. Eventually, each item was customized before moving to the next one, thus layering the image appropriately to the actual photograph. I made sure that each item, had their own coloring via stroke and once each item was outlined, it was a matter of filling in the color or pattern. Shadows were tricky at first, but utilizing the different tools, such as the Pencil tool, allowed for custom design of the shadows. 

Emotions that are felt when looking at this image would be peace, happiness, excitement to create, good vibes, and security. 


Vector Imagery - Divergent Design: Selfie

Coloring and shading were the biggest techniques. Making sure that the colors selected harmonized with each other and were natural enough to make the Selfie realistic without major details. Simplicity, was the key thing I learned. It was a matter of creating the illusion, so simpler lines and details allowed the colors to splash on the page in their organic shapes. 

Since the beginning, my art making process has changed. I see the simplicity in art. I've explored organic shapes working together with inorganic shapes. I've transitioned from literally meaning, to figuratively speaking and leaving an impression. The artwork is more free.

This project in particular was a love hate relationship. Color tones and hues were my biggest enemy because its hard selecting colors and not realizing you picked a color that is so similar it doesn't help with highlighting or shading. Overtime my eyes started adjusting to be able to notice the differences. I wanted to be perfect, by doing a lot of detail and really focusing on realism. But I had to recondition my brain to really enjoy the simplicity of the work and allowing shapes and color to give the work life. 

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