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About RHaw Creations



Romula Hawthorne also known as RHaw or RHaw Creations, is the first Maryland native in her family. She was born in Rockville, MD. Raised by her mother and Caribbean step-father from Dominica, Romula had a diverse upbringing, with a blended heritage of African American, Native American (Cherokee, Seminole, and Blackfoot) and French- Caribbean. Being from Silver Spring, Maryland did not limit her diversity as this area is very multi-cultural, and being an athlete and artist allowed her to meet different people and art. Luckily, she was able to visit many different places, such as her grandmother’s home in Erie, Pennsylvania where she learned how to be connected with nature and harvest the land. She’s even traveled to Cambodia and Malaysia during Tsunami relief and seeing what third-world countries were like and being in awe of the community and area; and traveling to Spain, France, and Germany to see other countries and their artistic artworks and architecture. But she’s always wanted to go to Japan, a country that has always inspired her.


All of these experiences, including her love for nature, mind-body-spirit connection, the mysteries, and the universe, influences her artwork. Attending John F. Kennedy High School, opened doors to her art, as she was introduced to different mediums than just drawing.  Her love for clay came from this, which allowed her 2-D images to be 3-D and as close to real life. Ceramics became her focus and it brought her closer to her Earth Connection. Surprisingly, she graduated Gannon University with a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology, but is attaining an Associates of Art in Fine Arts with a focus in ceramics, but proficient in figure drawing, sculpture, and digital artwork. She is also a Reiki practitioner. She travels Maryland, Virginia, the District, and Delaware selling her artwork and working to get into gallery exhibitions. She even has her own art business called RHaw Creations. Seeking to always be an artist, Romula may venture into the Art Therapy world as art can be healing.


RHaw Creations CV

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