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Sacred Willow Reiki Healing

Sacred Willow Reiki Healing, LLC was created to focus on bringing healing life force energy, full of love, into your life to promote rest and relaxation, and allow you to heal from within. It can help awaken and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, releasing any negative space or trauma from you. Reiki energy sent through the hands of a Reiki Practitioner can benefit anyone and anything. It is an alternative treatment that works well with traditional and western medicine, but should never replace professional medical help and advice. [Additional information under booking options.]

Note: At this time, Reiki sessions are online. Seeking a physical location soon...


Reiki Services

Reiki Healing is a traditional Japanese healing rediscovered by Master Usui in the early 1900s. It is a natural form of healing, alternative therapy, that uses energy healing. Reiki Practitioners use palm healing where Universal Life Force Energy is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the recipient to help promote emotional, mental, and physical healing within the recipient. The Practitioner is merely a conduit, a vessel, to allow this universal life force energy to flow through the recipient and help clear blockages from within and may even help get through negative  experiences. The Reiki Practitioner does not diagnose, heal or cure the recipient, she is not a medical professional.


Sacred Willow Reiki Healing, LLC Background - The Sacred Willow Tree gives us a sense of belonging, stability and security, and gives us hope during our darkest times. This tree symbolizes letting go of pain and suffering, and grow strong, bold, and rise  new like a phoenix from its ashes. We must let go and allow ourselves to heal to become healthy and strong with hope that everything is alright. This is why the practice was name Sacred Willow Reiki Healing, a place to promote healing, growth, and love. Romula Hawthorne is the Reiki Practitioner for Sacred Willow Reiki. She is a Human and Animal Reiki Holy Fire Master, trained in Reiki I, II, ART, and Mastership. She has practiced Reiki since 2016 and was called by the Sacred Willow Tree to begin sharing this Universal Life Force energy with humans and animals. She has a Bachelor's of Art in Psychology. She is a Certified Crystal Master, having knowledge of crystal alchemy, crystal aromatherapy, crystal grids, crystal astrology, and crystal healing.

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