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Sacred Willow Reiki Healing

Sacred Willow Reiki Healing, LLC was created to focus on bringing healing life force energy, full of love, into your life to promote rest and relaxation, and allow you to heal from within. It can help awaken and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, releasing any negative space or trauma from you. Reiki energy sent through the hands of a Reiki Practitioner can benefit anyone and anything. It is an alternative treatment that works well with traditional and western medicine, but should never replace professional medical help and advice. [Additional information under booking options.]

IMPORTANT: Due to lack of a physical location and to Covid-19, all sessions will be done virtually to keep participants safe during these times. Reiki can be sent long distance and does not require in-person sessions in order for the energy to work with you. Reiki exists out of space and time, as a practitioner, this energy can be sent to clients where they are located in the world.

Image by Mohamed Lammah