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Raster Imagery

Raster Imagery - Preposterous Persona

This piece of work was created to have the audience experience a divine goddess that lives outside of time and space, but has her ways of being connected to the physical earth.  Mystery, curiosity, confusion, unity, and allure are the initial reaction expected, but after viewing, the work becomes beautiful and a certain understanding is taken from it. 

Although, it may seem simple, taking the different aspects of the human body, contorting and changing to become a preposterous persona was difficult when it came to joining it to the full picture. Trying to keep the focus on the goddess, but allowing the eye to wonder across the space was hard to portray at first. 


Raster Imagery - Beyond Confines

The inspiration came from a photographer who managed to capture such a stunning moment as I model for two designers. I feel I could have showcased more of the vibrant color captured in the background by the photographer, but, if I did that, the piece would not have become my own, rather me placing someone elses work up there and calling it mine. I think using the black and white, and emphsizing the universe and the many galaxies and vortexes amongst it, allowed the color photo of my face to pop, thus leaving that photographic artistry at its finest.

This project was a success, due to the fact, I was able to take three things; cats, me, and the sunset to give the illusion of the cats moving in and out of time and space. Using the words, really tie everything together, allowing the viewer to understand that cats tend to disappear and when they want to be found, its most likely due to food. 

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