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Late Night Rants & Tea: 1

By Romula of Sacred Willow Reiki Healing

Often times, right before the full moon or during it, I find myself restless, unable to sleep, and full of erroneous thoughts. Instea of wallowing in this uncomfortable state, ruminating on invading thoughts, I've decided to do something about it.

A lot of these thoughts are based on worries that really don't serve me any purpose but to provoke an unwelcome migraine or unnecessary tension in my neck and shoulders. It's frustrating to be bothered with such negative thoughts that don't boost my confidence or aid in my success as a small business. Self-doubt rattles my mind although I practice everyday to be present and to feel and be blessed that I am doing what I have finally been striving to do! Yes, money is always a concern, but it does not define my happiness. Plus, these negative thoughts are happening during a time that I would relish in my dream state or create some kind of artwork until the crack of dawn (like when I used to when I was younger).

I have not figured out where these pessimistic states of mind came from considering growing up and being in college, I was fearless, optimistic, positive minded, adaptable and limitless. The unknown was never my enemy, but now it seems to haunt me. Go figure...haha.

I can only laugh at it as there is no point on dwelling on it. Laughter is good for the soul, right!


To avoid this downward spiral on these late nights, I find a warm cup of tea, soup, Reiki, another snack (if needed), and my essential oil inhaler to help ward off the developing migraine, warm and soothe my belly, and allow me a moment to put my attention on something else rather than my woes. Sometimes if I am up to it , I may squeeze in a half an hour (maybe an hour) shower as the rushing water falling on my head is relieving and quiets my mind.

I, also, tell myself I am Romula. I am an artist. I am full of abundance and love. And that there will be ups and downs, but relish in the good moments. I'll think about happy moments throughout the night or have my cats keep me company on the bed.

Tonight, I think with the full moon coming in Aries and a long day being at a fun, but busy pop-up event, it is One of those restless nights. I have to be up at 5am EST to finalize R&SRM and it's 1am EST. But that's ok.

I've got my cup of tea steeping with one of my favorite batches of tea from WeAreStrob called Chocolate Orange Truffle with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and an apple. My essential oil inhaler is the same one mentioned in a previous blog that has frankincense, Palo Santo, peppermint, and of course at this hour, I can't recall the last ingredient. You can find it in the migraine blog from a couple months ago.

I'm currently looking up at the sky through my window, in awe of the universe and the many stars I can see tonight (or rather this morning). Soothing music is playing and I'm focusing on not focusing on negative thoughts. It's always a journey, there are always bumps in the road. You have to choose how you are going to react and adapt to the situation at hand.

Tonight, I'm choosing peacefulness over restlessness. And surprisingly, after typing all of this out, I find my head is becoming heavy and my lids are fighting to stay open. Sleep is here, and I'm finally ready.

Have a great night....because I sure am now.

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