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Been A Long While....

Written by: Romula of RHaw Creations

Posing with "Avian Stream", my newest Metal Art Work

It's been months, almost an entire year. It seemed then, I had control of my time and was assertive to be interactive and up to date. The business woman was succeeding, excited about the routines, and taking initiative to be the artist I have always wanted to be.

But as 2023 round down and my vending season was coming to a close, I was faced with a change that would alter my way of life. Fall of 2023 was filled with events and school. I took on a full-time schedule as a student to speed up my graduation process. I, also, decided to pick up a part-time job at a non-profit organization called Create Arts Center in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. There I was hoping, I'd become only a Teaching Artist, so that I could teach my ceramic, hemp, and acrylic pour classes.

Unfortunately, but fortunately, they saw my experience as a 7-year Executive Assistant and Office Manager to a Certified Public Accounting firm (yuck). And they offered me a position as a part-time Office Manager as well as a Teaching Artist. Great news! Of course! It helped support me during the Winter. But I found being a full-time student, creating products for sell, making masterpieces to submit to shows, and doing administrative and billing work part-time , was taking its toll. I never thought I'd get back in the office chair, but I believed in Create Arts Center that I decided to take on the position, knowing it was NOT my GROOVE at all. I saw its potential, and am enduring this admin work for a little bit before I transition to only being a Teaching Artist.

Taking on this schedule, putting my modeling on the back burner as my education always comes first, I was not able to interact with you all the way that I used to. I found I wasn't able to keep up. And when 2024 came around the corner and I had my last semester to get my double major, I was back at square one again. Tugging for time.

With all of this being said, I want to apologize to everyone who enjoyed my blogs, followed me where I traveled for events, those who relied on my weekly Reiki Rise and Shine episodes, and ordered my products online. I am sorry for being so M.I.A.

I am a one show band (my mom would die of laughter if she read this, what I mean to say is "I'm a one-person band); and that's not even an excuse.

The Great News is!

I've got my Associates Double-Major in Fine Arts and General Studies with Honors and affiliated with the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, that I am so happy to tack onto my Bachelor's of Art in Psychology!!!

One more dream crossed off my bucket list. I finally have a degree in Fine Arts.

My Graduation Day with my Ace Boon Coon

What's next you ask?

Getting back into the grind of things. Starting my blogs up. Posting new events. Getting Reiki back on the radar. And chasing my dream to be a well-known artist. Yes, further education is on the way. Its a matter if I want to attain a Masters in Studio Art with a focus in Ceramics/Sculpture or a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a Certification in Expressive Art Therapy. Until I make that final decision, its all about interacting with you all, hitting the road to save up as much money for my next education, and really get my reiki practice going.

Exciting stuff. And to add more to it...Guess what!?!?!?!

I mentioned I'm a Teaching Artist for Create Arts Center. Well, I've designed my own ceramic workshop called Elegant Vessels. We get to discuss the different kinds of vessels, what a vessel is, use clay techniques to create your own special designed work, and glaze it so that it can have whatever color you want. The icing on the cake is that I will be serving tea blends from my Aromatherapy mentor, Olivia, who is one of the owners of STROB Apothecary in Crofton, Maryland. I am always trying bring a holistic aspect to my work. If you'd like to join, click this link - Elegant Vessels Workshop. The workshop starts Friday, May 31st, 2024 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (3 Fridays/Sessions).

I also wanted to do a poll as my class was originally on Thursdays, but was moved to Fridays due to a small conflict for the month of June. I would love to see what you all choose.

If you all had a choice of taking an clay class, would you prefer it on a Thursday or a Friday evening?

  • Thursday

  • Friday

First Workshop - Coil Technique!
Second Workshop! Slab Technique

Now, I think I've taken enough of your time, but I do have one more exciting thing to share. As of May 16, 2024, four out of five of my art pieces were accepted in the Student Juried Annual Exhibition Show at Montgomery College Takoma Park Campus in the Cafritz Foundation Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. There were almost 500 pieces submitted and only 270 or so were selected.

The show is available to the public until September 13, 2024. I would love for you all to go, not just because my artwork is in there, but to enjoy emerging artists and their different styles. It is a multi-media exhibition, so you will see a variety of art mediums displayed. Also, its Free! I may try and coordinate a Artist Talk at the school. If that does happen, I will be sure to add it to the Event Calendar and notify you all to come, that are in the area, of course.

My Custom Flyer for the Exhibition :)
All of us in front of my newest Metal Sculpture

I'm just excited to have a little bit more time so that I can be a better creator and inform you all of all the things going on such as.....HOW COULD I FORGET! I have a new essential oil product. It is a roll-on with organic jojoba oil. I was going to call the Day version Hemera, but have changed it to Eos. This is a two-part roll on essential oil blend, where one can be worn during the day and the other at night. The night version, I am calling Nyx. Together, they are Entwined - Eos & Nyx. More details about that soon. I have to get it on my Etsy next, but Entwined is all about you knowing that you are alluring, confident, powerful, and primal. And the best part, its unisex.

Any who Loves! I've written a book, and taken your time. Hope all is well and to see you soon when I hit the road. Hope you all forgive me for being gone so long. I'm back now, and I am going to do better.

Love and Peace, and Many Blessing!

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