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2023 So Far...

Written by: Romula of RHaw Creations

It's a new year! And we are already in March!

Things have not gone as expected, but nothing to feel defeated about or helpless. Just life at its finest, reminding me to bring order to it. I realize that there are areas that I need to work on, in order to continue being consistent.

RHaw Creations is two years old, and slowly, but surely, growing. With that, so is Sacred Willow Reiki Healing. Coming into this year, it seemed I kind of lost some control. Part of it, is returning to school, and the other is continuing modeling as a canvas of art. Learning to keep track of expenses, travel, and product making, has been a bit consuming. Trying to keep up with Rise & Shine Reiki Mondays, was going smoothly, until technical issues have interfered.

This year is not bad. Challenging, and bringing forth things that I need to work on. I really can't complain, except that I feel my lack of consistency this past month, kind of let my audience down. Its been four weeks since R&SRM. Its been two months since my last blog. And many of the product updates, have not been updated.

I am human.

I am resilient and motivated. These next couple of weeks, there will be some changes. And I am holding myself accountable.

So many small businesses give up before they even try. Despite being a one man show, and juggling many things, I am too hard headed to give up. Too determined to let my mind be negative when I am not always successful. And darn well too stubborn to let my lack of time management hold me back from my dream of being a business owner of my artwork and healing technique.

Life is always teaching us something. So everyday, despite whatever happens, there is room for growth. Ideally, everyday I would post on social media. Everyday I would create multiple of a new design. Everyday, I would feel like I accomplished everything I set my mind too. Ideally.....that's the key word.

I never know what to expect in my day, only how I am going to react to it. Yes, I get overwhelmed! But I'm still breathing and alive, right? There is so much to do, and "so little time", even though we created time! Its ok. It's alright. Things happen, and you just have to keep moving forward and do better.

That's the reason why I wrote this. Life isn't easy, or perfect. You can't escape stress. You can adapt and be resilient. And for me, I am taking it day by day. Learning how to manage these businesses and myself.

2023 is off to a great start. Excited for what the rest of the year will bring. Stick around and enjoy my journey!

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2 commentaires

08 mars 2023

Thank you for your inspiring blog. The beginning of the year was a rough start for me too! Looking forward to more R&SRM! - Connie


08 mars 2023

Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing. I’m full of admiration and respect for you! Wishing you much success in your personal and professional endeavors. As a former sole-proprietor and ”one man show,“ I know from experience how challenging it can be to create an ideal work-life balance. I personally had to learn that downtime was not a luxury but a necessity, and allowing myself moments of “not-doing” was part of the balancing mechanism. Stress management is a skill we must continuously hone. Take good care of yourself and be well on your journey.

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