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Why it takes me so long to blend...

Written by: Romula of RHaw Creations

Now, I am no Aromatherapist by the certification standards. Thank goodness for my actual Aromatherapist mentor for sharing her knowledge with me and sending me off into the world of Essential Oils with a confidence I never knew I had. Shoot, I got a pretty darn-good nose and a fairly decent intuition, that I learned under her wing.

Understanding some of the old techniques to create blends such as the Top, Middle, and Bottom notes technique (like music), is a great way to be aware of how you mix your essential oils. Understanding new research based on the physical and mental properties of the human body, is great information to incorporate in your aromatherapy. Understanding that there are many essential oils out there, that all have unique constituents is great in knowing what you are doing and using.

But that does not mean, it is going to be easy to make essential oil blends that are tantalizing, stimulating, soothing, sensual, whatever.

It takes me weeks, if not months...well, let's be honest, years sometimes, to create a blend. For example, this new product that I have been working on, was actually a product for last year (2022 February). I picked it back up, once I collected a missing essential oil that I felt was integral for what I was making. Back then, I knew I wanted to make something towards opposites attract and entwine, having self-love, giving love, and feeling loved. If you are familiar with plant medicine for love, essential oils for love, or even love potions....there is always a very fragrant flower to express this.

Flower Essential Oils.....well, let's just say, I can only handle them in small doses before I have a olfactory overload and generate a non-friendly migraine waiting to pounce (Check out my Migraine Blog - Great Tips). But these floral essential oils, such as Geranium and Roman Chamomile, I can feel the sensualness, the floral muskiness that I can understand can translate almost to an aphrodisiac. Yes, there are other oils, but these are the two that came directly to mind. Since the product is not just for me, I know there is a market out there for those pungent aromas.

It is difficult for me because I have to be aware of how much of these smells I can take in before I have to literally stop, walk away, and clear the space with Palo Santo or Sage to remove the strong aroma. I have spent hours, researching other essential oils to help tone down the top and middle notes which are the florals. There are countless books that I have that are marked and tabbed. My petri dishes are constantly getting cleaned and my recipes for the one new blend are constantly written down, I can't remember what anything smells like.

Working on it now, I feel I am back at square one. I do have the new essential oil to work with, but now I have created what I consider to be "Day & Night". I can't choose. Now I am debating three new products, instead of one. But after sharing the two aromas with my partner, and hearing that he thinks they smell a lot a like without pointing any distinction...I'm lost. Hahaha. I CAN SMELL THE DIFFERENCE AND HE CAN'T!!!! AHHHH!

Essential Oil Blending Sniff Test
Essential Oil Blending Sniff Test

But my instincts are telling me to stick with this new concept, play around with these "Day & Night" aromas, and create three new products that go together or can be separate. I'm not sure if I will make my deadline by the end of this month as originally planned. I do have other products such as my hemp jewelry and the new Limited Edition Fleece blankets while I figure out what my nose wants to do.

My essential oil blending is very much like my artwork. When I am not feeling it, it sits. But when I am inspired, determined, and feel it is the right time to return, I come back to it and either complete it or make large strides to completing. I am not one to produce just to produce. The vibe, the space, the purpose, the meaning, the need (not necessarily the want), is what pushes me to create quality work and products.

So that is why it takes me so long to blend......trail and error and their finest!

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