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About RHaw Creations - Where it comes from

A woman who has spent her life seeking natural ways of expressing herself and sharing with the world the beauty in all natural materials, that's Romula. A wild woman at heart. She has spent years mastering her clay and ceramics skills, learning from herself and having the support of amazing mentors over the years.

Her hemp jewelry consists of crystals and beading that has a indigenous feeling, something from the past, but still relevant today. All made naturally and by hand.

Her love of wildlife is expressed in her work, whether it represent animals or plants, or a functional piece that hints at the natural earth. She has study about the healing abilities of plants and their essential oils. Making sprays from these delightful, healing oils and hopefully butters and creams soon, She wants to help others get through their ruts, pains, and mental struggles with the power of plants and other natural remedies like our ancestors

Her inspiration stems not only from plants and animals, but also the indigenous people. She believes, from family stories, that she, herself, has Native American blood and has always respected the culture of the people. She has focused on Native American studies on her own scholarly level, such as the Cherokee, Lakota, Cheyanne, Seminole, and many more tribes. She has visited many local Pow Wows in the Mid-Atlantic area and plans to support Native tribes for better schooling, healthcare, and rights that the Native People of America need.

She also receives inspiration from the Japanese cultures. She spent years reading and watching videos on Japan and its culture. Falling in love with the mysterious Geishas and always having an affinity of Japanese Anime, she tries her best to incorporate this in her work as well.

The connection between mind, body, spirit, and nature has always been expressed. She is certified in the energetic properties of Essential Oils and is a Reiki Master from the Usui lineage with Holy Fire Reiki. She also has a B.A. in Psychology. With everything she has learned, her work represents healing love and the connection to the earth and the entire universe.

Her creations are known as RHaw Creations; the rawness of the earth, the connection to herself. It takes her first name and the first three letters of her last name "Haw" transforming the simple word "Raw" to "RHaw Creations".

Romula is an artist who is sharing her passion to the world and hopes that each purchase brings happiness, blessings, and mindfulness.

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