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“Arrowhead and New Friends”from the American Legion

By: Romula of RHaw Creations

Finally, I have had time to write and out of a “Writer’s Block”.

This year as been more than eventful. It’s been a crazy, exciting, up and down, thrilling, enlightening, and well, just a wild, nomadic kind of year. Overall, I’ve had the beautiful opportunity of meeting beautiful-spirited people who have taken my artwork, hemp jewelry, essential oil products kindly.

Doing these events has taught me to be productive. I am constantly creating new things and sometimes that means having to finish some pieces during the actual event. This brings me to this very blog.

Remember, sometime ago in a previous blog, I had mentioned how one of the vendors gifted me with three arrowheads. Well, I began working on one of them at the American Legion Post 60 Car Show earlier this month. Using red and brown natural hemp, I began creating this amazing concept that I knew I would finish before the show ended.

Literally, as I finished the last knot and began clipping away the excess hemp, two young girls came to my table. Full of life, youthful wisdom (you know what I mean if you’ve met children like this before), super supportive, and well…well-mannered to the “T”. They talked of how much they loved my work and that their family would love my products. As I was setting the piece down, one of the girls that I’ll refer to as Cid for blog purposes (confidentiality of minors), immediately fell in love with it. Cid loved it so much she left to grab her money that she was allowed to use for the show. The other girl fell in love with my weightless spray and was already trying to figure out way to persuade her veteran uncle to buy a 2oz bottle so she could share with her mother and use in her room. Overall, the girls walked away with the items they loved and I tossed in free hemp rings of their choosing.

I did not expect someone to fall in love with a piece so quickly. Let alone a youth who took a chance at my table. It was nice knowing that the other girl, I’ll refer to as Mads, understood the importance of organic products and that she was thinking of her mother the whole time. Being with these young ladies, listening to them about their perspective of life, touched me greatly. Our youth are so young, free-spirited, simple, yet complex, and just full of purity that it made me miss the days I used to be like that. (I still can as long as I cherish the beauty of life).

These girls made my day. And I’m so happy their uncles who served our country allowed their nieces to hang out with little old me for awhile. I may not have seen all the cars and bikes at the show, but I would not have traded one moment of being inside answering the questions they had.

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