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Warming Story for Raffle Winner and Blessing from Returning Customer

By: Romula of RHaw Creations

Hiyo! As you may or may not know, every in-person event that I attend I do a raffle at the end of the day or weekend. The person who is selected gets to choose one item that I created, and I get to either drop them off or mail. So far, I have had roughly over 10 raffle winners, all ranging around the United States including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, California, and other states. Although the events are mostly in the state of Maryland, these events have brought a large variety of diverse individuals who live across our nation. It warms my heart to know that people all over are enjoying and experiencing my products and artwork. Doing these raffles, one - show my work ethic and professionalism, two - gives opportunities for others to enjoy my products, especially if they were unable to purchase an item that day, three - connects me to more people and allows me to keep in contact, and four - have some fun and allow folks to test their luck.

Now, yes, these items and products are going out for free and there is no profit for me. That is not the reason I am doing this. Its an act of kindness in essence. I understand that I am taking a loss. But I know that money will come down the road. Now, I'm not expecting blessings because of my blessed actions. I just know that when the time comes, money will flow. And that these raffles remind me to always be humble, thankful for my supporters, and grateful for the many blessings I already have.

This past raffle, in early August in Galena, Maryland at the Galena Open-Air Market, I came across these lively, lovely, and hysterical sisters that keep me smiling from ear to ear. Sister Dot had fallen in love with these bone-carved animal necklaces that I made with deer-hide. She said that her first boyfriend who left for the Vietnam war and ghosted her because he did not know he was going to come back or not, who later on re-entered her life after she separated legally from her ex-husband, was coming to move with her. She wanted to give him an amazing gift. So she bought the Eagle or Bear version (of course, I can't remember at the moment) for him. She had explained to me how much he would appreciate such a handcrafted necklace. It was my pleasure to wrapping the necklace up for her, knowing it would be given to someone she loved.

Both Dot and Deb signed up for my raffle to test their luck. If I remember correctly, there were at least 20 other individuals on that list by the end of the day. I, also, manually write every person's name on a piece of paper and drop into one of my singing bowls. So, the raffle is very legit! No bias. No ini-meeni-mini-mo. Just pure probability. I shake up the singing bowl, close my eyes, and reach into the bowl selecting one folded piece of paper that has the winner's name on it. Who would of thought that the winner was Deb!

I emailed Deb that she was the raffle winner. Automatically, I thought she would select an item of her personal choosing. When I received her email back, thanking me for letting her know she was the winner, she had informed me that she wanted to the matching wolf necklace to the deer-hide necklace that her sister had purchased. Come to find out, Deb wanted to gift her sister Dot, the wolf necklace so that when her old/new boyfriend came to live with her, they would have matching necklaces.

Such a selfless thing to do! And that is sisterly-love at its finest.

Deb touched me so much that I wrote a note to her sister, letting her know to contact her about what she had received in the mail. I even kept in contact with Deb, also providing her notifications of the package so that she would know when her sister would receive it. The other day, I received an email from Deb, thanking me for sending her sister's necklace and that she hopes to see me again in Galena. Her and Dot want to shop and also introduce Deb's daughter's to me. Out of my kindness of giving a free item to a raffle winner, ended up spreading more joy as the winner gave her winnings to her sister. Such a beautiful story! And this is why I will not stop doing the Raffles, because I never know whose heart I am going to touch.

Now, I said earlier, that although I may have a loss by giving away items, but blessings come in many forms.

After experiencing this sisterly-bonding moment via email, I received an order from my Etsy. A big, large order. And it was from a returning customer that I really must have impressed them with my products, but also with my personality, that they order a Set of 3 4oz Essential Oil Sprays, 4 Mother's Rose Natural Tea Soaps, and 2 Only Lavender Natural Tea Soaps. It was my biggest order yet! And after packaging the necklace for Dot, I wanted to get this order in the mail asap.

I never know when my next batch of income will come. I only hope that my good intentions, my information, positive vibes, creativity, and honesty will keep customers coming back. I do not expect things for my kind actions as I am working from a place of love. I know that my artwork and products speak for themselves; which means they have the power to intrigue and interest people enough for them to want more. I just love touching lives. I love knowing that I can give something away to someone just for them coming to the event and taking a chance. I love knowing that out of the blue, I can get a large order and receive a heartfelt message saying how much they love my products and will order more.

Its all about the impression you make on others that can, at times, determine your success. I'm hoping I am making a lasting impression on you all!

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