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The Essential Oils that Made the Sprays

Written by: Romula


The last week or so, I have been working on this amazing idea my Father gave me in regards to my products. It's a....PAMPHLET! Digital and physical.

Its a great idea and a perfect way for my customers and potential customers to look at what I have, what is in them, what they are for, and some fun facts to go with them. Every time I order organic seeds from Mountain Rose or explore new organic products from New Aromatics, I always receive something cute, quaint, and of course, super informative like a booklet or pamphlet. Now, of course, these businesses have been in the game longer than me, but what's stopping me from adopting ideas that could and will be beneficial? (Absolutely....nothing)

Now, don't get me wrong. I've received some fantastic ideas from other family members, such as my mother, step-dad, boyfriend, sister, and the list goes on! But this idea, seemed the easiest of them all. It doesn't require a new aromatic formula, creating a brand new product, or figuring out packaging, etc. With all the traveling I have been doing lately, its been difficult to schlep my inventory via plane. So this idea, creating a pamphlet, was the lightest thing for me to work on and the easiest to get on a plane (it's all in my head...).

I've currently ran into a roadblock....I don't have all of my magical notes regarding the "energistic" properties of the essential oils. Of course, the one notebook that didn't make it in the bag! I thought running to my favorite book store, Barnes & Nobles, would be great and that buying the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham would be enough. Well, I used the word "energistic", and that is a little different than "magical". This book has some fantastic information that I have decided to add to my pamphlet (maybe more work, but again worth it). So now I have a new section to add.

While in this current standstill, I figured, in the meantime, let's just Blog about the Essential Oil Blends I created for my organic sprays. You all have to know about my products anyway, why wait two more weeks for information I won't have until then? No reason, so here we go! Below are details regarding each Organic Essential Oil Blend Sprays. Enjoy!

The Silver Blade - The Cord Cutter, Cleanser, Refresher

Ingredients: Dalmatian Sage, Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense, and Purified Water

Purpose: Cord Cut, Cleanse, Refresh

"Cleanse your space and yourself,

cutting through negativity with this refreshing scent. Feel your mind clear. Fill your space with positivity."

Essential Oil Blend Properties: Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Expectorant, Rejuvenating, Toning, Decongestant, Nerve Sedative

Protection of the Hearth - The Protector, Grounder, Mother Earth

Ingredients: Sweet Orange, Clove, Palo Santo, Dark Patchouli, and Purified Water

Purpose: Grounding, Protecting, Warmth, Mother Earth, Feel Like Home

"Feel warm, grounded and energetic protection. Feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth and let your confidence and self-esteem rise, pushing out negativity."

Essential Oil Blend Properties: Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Immune Boosting, Nerve Sedative

Breathe & Release - The Releaser, Opener, Booster of Confidence

Ingredients: Clary Sage, Atlas Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Dark Patchouli, and Purified Water

Purpose: Open-up, Release, Boost Confidence, Lower Anxiety, Aids in Breathing

"When you need to take a moment or feel anxious, spray this in your space. Gain strength, calm mind, and breathe."

Essential Oil Blend Properties: Antispasmodic, Nerve Sedative, Regulator, Lowers Blood Pressure, Expectorant

Weightless - Uplifter, Lifter of Grief, Remover of Old Baggage

Ingredients: Blue Tansy, Cypress, Rosemary, Cinnamon

Purpose: Lift Grief, Remove old Baggage, Weightless Feeling, Airy, Uplifting

"When the world feels heavy on your shoulders, loss of a loved one, or in need of easing emotions to be present, use this spray to lift off the weight."

Essential Oil Blend Properties: Detoxifying, Circulation Stimulant, Antispasmodic, Analgesic, Antiseptic

That's it for now!!! I hope this information helps. Like I said before, I still have some more information I need to add. Stay tuned! I hope to have the actual pamphlet done before the end of June.

Thanks again for all of your support! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

- Romula of RHaw Creations


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