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Part Two - Journey to New York with my Essential Oil Sprays

🌿Journey with my Essential Oil Sprays🌿

First step complete! Made it on the train!!!😅😅😅😅 And, of course, I start to experience some weird things. Was it worry? Was it excitement being read as fear? Or some kind of grief that I wasn’t aware of?

Whatever it was, I wanted to feel weightless, free, escape negative thoughts, and feel like I was in the clouds without a care.

I thought of my one of sprays which is the second one that I will discuss!


Made with:

Blue Tansy*




Distilled Water


Weightless is a spray that when the world feels heavy on your shoulders, loss of a loved one, or in need of easing emotions to be present. It was meant to go in deep and remove the dark heavy clouds, so that one can be weightless like a stratus cloud.

Even though I could not figure out what the feeling was, let alone where it came from, this spray removed it so that I could free from the weight holding me down.


More to come!!!

Stay Tuned!

Vlog coming soon, more details to explain my experiences and more about the essential oils!

All products mentioned in videos are available for purchase, please click link in Bio or Shop Now button to order!

Thank you again for the love and support!!!

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