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A Day Sending Reiki to Rose of Sharon

By: Romula of Sacred Willow Reiki Healing

My grandmother gave me this Rose of Sharon. Traveled it all the way back from Erie, PA. And she is coming back to life!
Rose of Sharon

As a Reiki Practitioner, we are not limited to just sharing Reiki with Humans. Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy guided by Higher Consciousness. The Universal Life Force Energy flows through all and everything. It is the "Chi" in Chinese belief and it is "Ki" in Japanese belief. It is the "Prana" that of Yogic or Indian belief. It is the very breathe that the Great Spirit (God) gave to all living things. So as a Reiki Practitioner, you are a vessel for this Universal Life Force Energy to flow to all and everything.

Everyday, I use Reiki.

Ever since 2016 when I walked out of Smile Herb Shop on a late Sunday evening, back then, completing my Reiki 1 & 2 from my beloved mentor Olivia (now co-owner of WeAreStrob Apothecary), Reiki has been with me. Since then, I have taken the Reiki Master Teacher course, the Animal Reiki 1 & 2 course, as well as the Animal Reiki Master Teacher course. And recently, in 2022, I retook the Reiki 1 & 2 course again, but this time from William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training.

It first started with practicing on myself, which I still do till this day. Then it turned into using Reiki every time I ate, using it as an addition to my daily meal prayers. Always being thankful and grateful that the Great Spirit allowed Reiki into my life and for letting me become a vessel, I ask that Reiki flow and bless my food with unconditional love and of course, "The Universal Life Force Energy Guided by Higher Consciousness". I wanted to ensure that everything that I was eating and drinking (including water), was at its highest vibration or filled with Reiki so that I may attain the nutrition and sustenance I needed. I began to practice on family and friends. Who would not want to share such an amazing technique/alternative therapy. And eventually, I started sharing Reiki with the woods where I would walk through night and day, thanking the woods for being here and asking that they receive Reiki if they chose. It was my way of giving back to the very trails that gave me solitude and a space of tranquility during my most turmoil moments of my life.

As I progressed in my studies of Reiki, I started to learn that Reiki goes beyond just humans. It was not until I took Animal Reiki 1 & 2 with my third Reiki teacher/mentor, Colleen Benelli (and her team, Robyn Benelli and Sioux Strong), that plants were included in the conversation. The Tree of Life is surrounded by all beings including animals and plants; there is a special place for humans too. This re-confirmed my intuitive belief that Reiki went beyond Human use. That because it is a universal life force and it comes directly from higher source, that the vibrations and energy of Reiki would be compatible or in other words, useful to other vibrational things and beings of this planet.

Animals and Plants have spent centuries aiding humans in their survival, and so much more. They have given us sustenance, mobility, companionship, and protection. Plants provide us medicine, and sometimes we just cut them down viciously because they are labeled "weeds". Cats and dogs have to deal with our emotional stresses and they are constantly trying to keep us leveled or even try to heal us with their vibrations. Cattle and other forms of animal farming are constantly under duress. Who is healing them? Who is helping them cope? Reiki....Me....Reiki and Me!

Which Brings us to the story of Rose of Sharon - (I promise this will be quick!)

I was so excited, I started giving Rose of Sharon Reiki. She was coming back healthy and strong.
Reiki for Rose of Sharon

Last year, my grandmother gifted this Rose of Sharon plant to me. My partner was kind enough to uproot the Rose of Sharon so we could travel it all the way from Erie, PA to Lanham, MD. Of course, he was not familiar with how to take care of a plant that you are trying to transport and transplant. He accidently cut the bulb off, so we did not have a root system. As much as I wanted to be upset, I said "Bless his heart" because he genuinely did not know and did his best to preserve a plant he knew I loved and wanted to cherish. We wrapped the pour baby up with enough wet paper towels, that when we got home, we immediately placed her into a pot of dirt. (Mind you, she was healthy and leafy). Rose of Sharon got her first dose of Reiki that day.

All seemed well for sometime......sometime.....

Can't really say when the downfall began, but it was way before Winter. Leaves began to yellow, clovers started growing all over the pot (not that that has any significance). I just kept praying that she would stay alive. I mean, we drove this plant all the way from PA, and my grandmother gave me this plant. My grandfather brought them up from VA years ago and had planted them in their yard. SO THE PLANT MEANT A LOT!!!! SPECIFICALLY TO ME!!!! But I left everything in the Great Spirits hands. I could only continue my usual routine of waking up, watering my plants, telling them I loved them, sending them Reiki just because, and asking them to be happy and let me know if anything was wrong.

By Winter, Rose of Sharon was far from what looked to be anything, but alive. I had told myself that there was a high chance, that whatever roots started to grow may not survive. Who has ever seen a Rose of Sharon grown in a pot anyway? Every single one, I have had the blessing of coming across has been a luxurious, bountiful, BUSH that is taller than me and so statuesque that the flowers are merely stars dancing around its galaxy [re-read that sentence in a sophisticated, upper echelon voice just for the "poops and giggles"]. But, Rose of Sharon had other plans.

All through Spring, there was no hope of revival. Rose of Sharon, from the lawn mowers, had been pushed aside and mixed with the wild bamboo of the yard. Gray, no sense of color, no-life, just nothing. I was ashamed that I could not take care of this plant, no matter how much I talked to Rose of Sharon, sent Reiki, prayed, and even sitting in the sun with her. I was about to throw in the towel and told myself that the next morning, I was going to move Rose of Sharon from the bamboo and empty out her pot.

The next morning came. Bright, sunny, warm, just the perfect Spring before Summer weather. I grabbed Rose of Sharon's pot. Fought against the wild bamboo that would not let her go and to my I pulled the pot out of the the brush...there was green life on those gray twigs. Rose of Sharon had been growing, had re-rooted. I thanked the Wild Bamboo because I felt they encompassed Rose of Sharon, surrounding her with green healing vibrations and connecting her to Mother Earth for rooting. While the Reiki I was sending was returning that Universal Life Force Energy to Rose of Sharon to grow.

I was so happy to see Rose of Sharon alive, I just had to give her more Reiki!
Giving Reiki to Rose of Sharon

I ran into the house so fast to tell my partner that he thought something was wrong with me, but soon came outside to see it for himself. She was growing; and growing in a pot at that! So grateful and thankful, I immediately came down to Rose of Sharon, kissed her healthy, green leaves, and cried a little bit. It was very emotional for me. Mostly, because it came from my grandmother's land and because when I was going to give up, I was proven again to always push through. Rose of Sharon, I spent 20 to 30 minutes sending Reiki too, that day. I, almost, did not want to stop and it felt like Rose of Sharon did not want me to stop. I could feel how happy she was to return in to the open space and be seen. I could see how protected she had been all those months surrounded by the bamboo. I could tell that she was going to continue to grow and that she was thankful for my belief in her survival (even up until this part). See Animals and Plants, for sure, have different ways of communicating and I am thankful that I can feel as a way to sense. Being a vessel of Reiki has allowed me to be more attuned to others and things. So I genuinely felt how Rose of Sharon felt when we were reunited. As I sent Reiki, I could feel the positive energy flowing between myself and this beautiful plant. And every day since then, I have been continuously giving Reiki to Rose of Sharon, as well as the rest of the plants in my Secret Garden. They all seem very happy, healthy, relaxed, and rejuvenated!

(Maybe next year, I will do my own Case Study, experimenting with plants that receive Reiki and plants that do not receive Reiki. Let's see what we discover!)

Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions!!!

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