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Reiki Session that Induced Sleep

By: Romula of RHaw Creations

Today, I offered my partner (boyfriend) a full-body Reiki session before he took his nap before his overnight work. I felt the need, the urge to give him a session, as if he really needed it, but was too stubborn to ask. He always jokes with me that he doesn't have the funds for my services at the moment, and that he would book his session next pay day. He would do it too.

Boy, I got to love him. He always wants to show his support for anything and everything I do. Even paying for his own soaps and services, knowing darn well I live with him, so he gets to reap the benefits of all my experiments gone wrong (but all natural and organic, so no harm is done (>_<)). Even a Reiki session is included in that bonus of being my other half.

Despite his statement, I told him the only way I was going to get better at my practice was too, literally, practice (I always ask myself if I use "literally" correctly, but never seem to find the answer lol). I know, I have been practicing since 2016 and have sessions under my belt. That does not mean stop mastering my skill. Also, with my life changing from a fast-paced, corporate America lifestyle, to being a business native/black woman with some European, providing natural, organic products, ceramics, and handmade jewelry while being a Reiki Practitioner; I needed to do something that made me feel productive as the weeks can be super slow at times.


[Tangent: Hey, I get it. Yes, I am creating new jewelry almost everyday or working on some new project to bring customers/clients in. Booking Pop-up Shops and events to sell items in-person versus online (I'm also modeling, trying to stay up on paid gigs). Shoot, I know that the amount of time it takes me to put together a Reel, a TikTok video, an IGTV Live, or whatever social media platform I have to work with, it all counts as being productive. I just yearn for the human or animal interaction to put my skills to the test, to share my products to help promote self-care and self-love, or spread love and positivity. And when it comes to Reiki, there's a small group of people who welcome it willingly, and there are lot who are skeptical. Even friends and family, but I am grateful for the friends and family, and acquaintances that have allowed me to practice my Reiki or even booked a session because they believed in my Sacred Willow Reiki Healing practice. I can only be grateful for my blessings and pray that word will spread regarding Reiki. People will come, I just have to be patient and continue to practice.]


Now back on track! After I explained to him with puppy-dog eyes that I needed to practice and I have no one else (even though I have a distance Reiki session scheduled for my best friend who was willing to try a distance session in comparison to an in-person session, tomorrow (>_<) and he knows this lol), he willing obliged.

As I started the session and he began to relax, I sprayed my Silver Blade organic essential oil spray (which cane be found in my Etsy shop in 2oz and 4oz bottles) to cleanse and clear the space of negativity. I began to guide him into a meditative state per his permission. Normally, I would have a guided meditation from one of my Reiki Master Book Trainings, but I didn't have those books to reference and not even close to memorizing them. With the help of Reiki, I was able to create a guided meditation that felt in tune with his unconsciousness so that he went where he needed to go in order to receive the light and Reiki energy. It was so beautiful, I wish I had of recorded it. No "um's" or awkward pauses, just words flowing effortlessly from my mouth as if I were an Egyptian Pharaoh sharing a blessing with her people. I could see right before my eyes, that he was journeying to that space where he could truly rest and receive.


As a Reiki practitioner, we are advised to always keep our eyes open during the session. Always be aware of your client physically, emotionally, and metaphysically. You want to make sure you see anything, whether discomfort or small smiles of joy. You want to make sure your client is comfortable.


I observed my partner. I watched as I saw the stress escape his face, the tension drop from his jaws and shoulders. I saw his chest begin to move slower, up and down, up and down, in a slow rhythm that a person awake could not mimic. His lips parted, hands and feet tilted in deadweight, he had drifted into the unknown, receiving the Universal Life Force energy known as Reiki. I could sense that he was on the cusp of being in sleep limbo to immediate REM (or let's just call it deep sleep as I have no scientific equipment to confirm REM lol). I had not even started on each body part for the Reiki session, yet. I was just at the sensing part of it (also known as Byosen scanning), trying to find areas that needed more attention and sending Reiki to the entire body before going to each section. Only 10 to 15 minutes in of the hour to hour and half time, and he's already out!

Paying close attention to him, I started the full body experience. Starting off with his head and working my way down to his feet. Some areas I felt Reiki wanted my hands touch him where I felt Reiki needed to be focused, such as his Heart Chakra/chest area. (Reiki does not require touch, but if a practitioner feels that an area needs more focus or Reiki is signaling that touch is needed, well-trained Practitioners will always ask before they touch you. In this case, my partner and I have a mutual understanding where I am not required to ask). I felt his Heart Chakra needed some attention as well as his Root Chakra. I stayed in the those areas until Reiki did not have a strong pull, and because the Root Chakra is in a sensitive area, I beamed Reiki to that area and did not touch that sensitive, genital area. I also felt that his legs and feet needed more attention, so I beamed and touched his legs and feet to receive more Reiki. The feet and legs have to carry the body around everywhere. Sometimes, they need some TLC too.

As the session came to its end, I asked the Great Spirit where else should I send Reiki, in case I missed anything. I received a glimpse of pure serenity and tranquility when I looked at my partner. I knew then that I was not going to open the circle full of Reiki and love. I was going to let him stay this way, in the deep, restful sleep until he needed to wake up for work. That was my answer. Let him rest. Let him sleep. Let him resonate in Reiki for as long as he can. Let him truly rejuvenate.

He has no idea that this has happened as he's still asleep right now. He has not stirred one bit since I stepped away from him. Its been two and a half hours since I started the session, and an hour since I stopped sending Reiki directly to him.

He's out like a heavy log!

Oooooou! Can't wait to hear what he has to say when he wakes up!

(Did he dream and remember it this time.....?)

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