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Part One - Journey to New York with my Essential Oil Sprays

🌿Journey with my Essential Oil Sprays🌿

I had to travel to NYC for NYFW to model. So many feelings and emotions were flowing through me, that days before the trip, I thought I wouldn’t make it.

Then I got to thinking 🤔…I make all these amazing essential oil products to help with certain things, so why not use them for myself!!!????

So I took all four of my sprays (2oz bottles), and this is my story regarding my journey.

The first one up, was the one and only, The Silver Blade!

Made with:




Dalmatian Sage*

Distilled Water


The Silver Blade is a Cord Cutting and Cleansing spray, made to disconnect any negative connections, cleanse the space or auric field, and protection. It’s main purpose is to kick negativity out, cleanse spirit, always protected, gain wisdom from ancestors, and promote emotional growth and meditation.

This spray was perfect to use prior to boarding the train. I had experienced some negative feelings and fear, had uncertainty, felt vulnerable, and felt a cloud trying to form and hold me back.

A few sprays of this, and I could literally feel the negativity

receding back, my body reacted as if being cleared of unwanted connections I had not realized I made. I felt my instincts kick in and guidance telling me I would be ok and to continue my journey; and that I was indeed protected. I could and would do this. Whatever was holding me back, was now gone.

I was able to get on that train, and it’s amazing how aromatherapy played a major part in me getting there.


More to come!!!

Stay Tuned!

Vlog coming soon, more details to explain my experiences and more about the essential oils!

All products mentioned in videos are available for purchase, check out the "Etsy Shop"!

Thank you again for the love and support!!!

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